Writing Geologic History of Your Country

By Marvin Carlson

Bare-bones concept for Teaching Unit utilizing as base reference Geology, Geologic Time and Nebraska (EC-10) and expand with available resources.

The series of maps presented in EC 10 for each major geologic period allow an interpretation of the geologic history for any one point in Nebraska. Using the maps in historical sequence, the student interprets the presence/thickness or absence of the rock layers representing that part of geologic history at any point in Nebraska. By cumulating the thicknesses and determining the general elevation, an hypothetical deep-well record could be constructed. The concepts could be extended:

  • Interpret the sequence in several counties and construct cross sections.
  • Determine the age and rock type of the Precambrian at a point.
  • Using the chart (page 4), discuss the environments of deposition of each major geologic unit.
  • Discuss the absence of some major units in your county and provide explanations in terms of geologic processes.
  • Discuss possible resources in terms of environmental impacts, markets, and costs of extraction.
  • Relate soil types, topography, land-use in context of near surface geology.