Water Quality of Streams

By Mark Skiles


During this long-term research project, you will be studying and monitoring the water chemistry and quality of a local stream or river. Various tests will be done on a regular schedule to evaluate if water quality fluctuates throughout time or remains constant.


  • limnology kit
  • jars
  • thermometer
  • pencil


  1.  The teacher will demonstrate how each test is done.
  2.  Working with a partner, use a jar to collect a water sample from the river and administer your test. Record your results on your data sheet.
  3.  As a class, share your results from the various tests. The teacher will fill in a master sheet containing everyone's results.
  4.  As a class, attempt to redo the testing procedure on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly etc.).
  5.  It may be possible to contact another school in a town located along the river you are studying. In this way, testing results may be compared via internet or other means.