What is Teach Nebraska?

Teach Nebraska is a program that provides an opportunity for Nebraska teachers to enroll in graduate-level classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through a simplified process. As a Teach Nebraska student you will have the ability to enroll in master's- and doctoral-level courses in a variety of areas that will help you to advance your career.

How do I become a member of the Teach Nebraska Program?

First determine your eligibility:

  • If you are currently employed by a school in the state of Nebraska and a certified teacher, you are eligible to participate in the Teach Nebraska program at UNL.
  • If you are either employed by a school or a certified teacher in the state of Nebraska you may contact graduate@unl.edu to verify your eligibility.

Then complete the Teach Nebraska Application. No application fee or transcripts will be required. Once your express application is completed you will be admitted and registered for the class of your choice.

Does this make me a graduate student?

Teach Nebraska participants are admitted as non-degree students through the Office of Graduate Studies.

To apply to a degree program instead or in addition, please contact graduate@unl.edu.

As a participant in the Teach Nebraska program you are eligible to take courses throughout the university.