Soil Formation...It's a Dirty Job

By Susan M. Frack


The students will demonstrate the knowledge of soil formation by creating a HyperStudio program about soil formation in their own locale.


  1. Create a script that lists, in order, the steps it takes to turn bedrock and organic material into soil.
  2. Find or create the graphics needed for each card in the HyperStudio stack.
  3. Have script and graphics okayed before you begin to create the "Stack".
  4. Create the HyperStudio stack and present it to the class.


The following list of materials will help you get the needed information for your script:

  • USGS soil survey of your county
  • general soil map of the state
  • Soils of Nebraska by J.A. Elder
  • Science textbook
  • Encyclopedias
  • Soils materials from the Ag teacher
  • Internet