Searching for Fossils

By George McNabb and Marian McNabb

For hundreds of years Paleontologists have been looking all over the World for Fossils to understand what life was before man.


Fossils are found very close to every home, and can be dated to when they were alive and their name.


  • State Maps
  • Topographic Regions and Geological Bedrock Maps
  • Books for identification of fossils
  • Field Guide to North American Fossils from the Audubon Society and Practical Paleontologist by Steve Parker are two we use.


Explain that Greek Philosopher, Xenophanes, was one of the first to record his ideas on fossils, and that man has been looking and finding many types of fossils since that time, 570 B.C.. Show the maps, age of rocks, what is found living in that age, and when possible, take a field trip so students can identify layers and find their own fossils.