Matthew Douglass Current Research Projects:

Koobi Fora Landscape Survey with colleagues from The George Washington University investigating c. 1.5 mya Early Stone Age surface deposits within the East Turkana region of Kenya. Survey is part of the larger Koobi Fora Field School.

KFFS Faculty instruct students in flint knapping and stone artifact analysis at Base Camp on the shore of Lake Turkana.

USDA National Forests and Grasslands Challenge Cost Share Agreement to develop an integrated experiential and outreach educational program and conduct archaeological research for the National Grasslands Visitor Center.

UNL students and US Forest Service staff work to identify privately held artifact collections brought into the Trailside Museum in Crawford, NE

The Western New South Wales Archaeological Project (WNSWAP)
with colleagues from The Univeristy of Auckland, Macquarie University, investigating Holocene surface archaeology from a geoarchaeological perspective.

Wilcannia Central School students learning about their material cultural heritage from Traditional Owners working with the WNSWAP research team.

Middle Fork River Heritage Action Team (HAT) Salmon Challis National Forest, Idaho. With collegues from USDA Forest Service. Public/Private collaboration assess, advise, and educate on the archaeological and natural resource impacts of recreation on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Promotional Video Developed by the Heritage Action Team (HAT)

Doring River Palaeo Landscape Project with collegues from Univ. of Wollongong, Univ, of Pennsylvania, Max Planck Institute investigating Middle Stone Age surface deposits along the Doring River valley of South Africa.

3D Photogrammetrical Model of a Acheulean Handaxe Recovered by the Project. Developed as part of a student research project published in the journal Lithic Technology.

Archaeologial Inventory of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Murray County, Oklahoma. Joint research and outreach with Midwest Archeological Center to explore the historic town of Sulphur Springs.

Structure within a digital reconstruction of historic town of Sulphur Springs, OK. The reconstruction is a student designed public heritage tool.