By John Niemoth


Making mudpies was a very memorable experience for a lot of individuals in the past. Most were dried after being made. The chef used the basic ingredients in making this unique concoction with various reasons for during what they did. The basic ingredients were silt, sand, clay, gravel, water, and other organic substances.


Develop a recipe to make the perfect soil pie!


  1. Evaluate the consistency of the basic ingredients when mixed to make the perfect soil pie to your standards.
  2. The finished pie should weigh about 2 pounds or 1000 grams with the measurements of each ingredient listed on a recipe card with the appropriate name for the pie.
  3. The pie should be allowed to be dried, cooled, or heated- solar until done to the chef perfection.
  4. The pie would be exhibited with a slice on a paper plate for evaluation when all pies are completed.


  1. The completed recipe card with the precise measurements of the ingredients used.
  2. Briefly describe, orally or written, why their pie is the perfect soil pie.


This discussion could lead to a variety of soil properties with the usage of their ingredients listed in percentages. List the features of the soil pie when using larger percentages of each?


List the observations separate from the inferences?

Further Research Options:

  • Suppose you had a spot that needed to be filled in next to your basement, what type of soil or mixture should be used?
  • What type would you use in a low spot in your yard farther away from the house? What type of soil would cost more?
  • What are some desirable and undesirable things to know about purchased soil?