Mapping Our Way in Nebraska

By George McNabb and Marion McNabb

Obtain Nebraska State Maps from the Department of Transportation, one for each student. Have each student list what can be found on the Nebraska Map. For example:

  • Main Highways
  • Local Roads
  • Topographic
  • Regions
  • State Flag
  • State Seal
  • Governors Message
  • State Parks
  • City Index
  • State Bird
  • State Tree
  • Nebraska Radio Stations
  • Rules of the Road
  • Maps of larger
  • Towns
  • State Flower
  • State Grass
  1. Have each student tell how to find the State Capitol on a Map.
  2. Have Students list the States that border Nebraska.
  3. Have each student measure, by using the mile scale and a ruler the distance between the Capitol and other areas on the map.