A Journey Back in Time

By Sharill Prey-Luedtke


Groups (about 2 students per) of students will research a geologic time period. Each groups will utilize a number of resources, create a report and model to be presented to class and be displayed.


  1. Each groups time period can be assigned (e.i. drawing out of a beaker) or let them choose. It works best if each group has a different time period and all periods are represented.
  2. Provide each student a sheet showing your grading criteria. Below is an example.

    ______pts typed report (double spaced, size 12, x# of sources and cited only 1 www source, x# of pages)

    ______pts community expert (identify name, title, agency, phone number, questions asked and their answers)

    ______pts interest page (what did you find interesting, learn, etc.)

    ______pts model

    ______pts presentation

    Total _________pts


  3. Provide students time in the media center, computer lab, excess to a phone (may need to contact a community member) and materials for the model. Judge the amount until presentations to students progress.
  4. After the presentations are completed. Have the students place their models around the room in chronological order. Ask them to take a look at all the models and lead discussions.


  1. Present their findings to other classes.
  2. Field trip (i.e. Morrill Hall)