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Astronomy Resources

Planet Earth

  • Discovery Education Lesson Plans Library for Astronomy (NEW) - Lesson plans and activities for grades K-12. Also available for a wide range of other topics.
  • Earth and Moon Viewer - See real time satellite pictures of the earth and moon showing day and night regions, or view the Earth from the sun, the moon, above any location on the planet specified by long/lat and altitude. Same for the moon.
  • Earth Observing System Project Science Office - A site provides an overview with a broad sampling of images from various NASA programs as well as images/video and detailed pages, intended for the research community and advanced user.  Check out the Educational Button which contains free materials.


  • Hubble Photographs - Has links available that provide educational resources related to the Hubble Space Telescope as well as lesson plans and activities for Astronomy, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Life Sciences, Physical Science, and Physics.
  • Measuring Distance and Area in Satellite Images - Earth Exploration Tookbook, SERC, this Earth Exploration Toolbook chapter describes how to set a scale and make measurements from digital satellite images. Users analyze NASA images of the Aral Sea, making distance and area measurements to characterize changes in the size of this freshwater lake over time.
  • NASA - An abundance of earth and planetary science information from the folks at NASA. Links with free materials, lesson plans, activities, etc.
  • NASA's Planetary Photo Journal - The site is designed to provide you with easy access to the publicly released images from various Solar System exploration programs. The system database is currently populated with approximately 2780 images; more are being added every day.

(The) Nine Planets

  • Cassini - Neat stuff about the Cassini mission to explore Saturn. Live footage, short video clips, and info on all aspects of the mission.
  • Exploring Planets in the Classroom - Exercises for grades 6-10 from the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium.
  • A Journey Through Our Solar System - Explores the components of our solar System regarding planets, constellations, and sky wonders.
  • Galileo - Page devoted to the Galileo exploration of Jupiter. Facts, flyby's and general info about Jupiter.
  • Lunar and Planetary Institute Slide Sets - Images of terrestrial and non-terrestrial geologic features.  From the Universities Space Research Program.
  • Mars Pathfinder - Mars science and photos. Also contains an educational button with student project ideas, teacher activities and opportunities to link with other classrooms from around the country.
  • National Geographic - Our Cosmic Neighborhood.

Other (Aliens, EUVE, NEAR, Solar Eclipses)

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Atmosphere Resources

General Atmospehere


Other Weather


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Biosphere Resources


Global/Planet Earth



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Data Resources

USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program

The National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) provides an understanding of water-quality conditions and how those conditions may vary locally, regionally, and nationally; whether conditions are getting better or worse over time; and how natural features and human activities affect those conditions.

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Earth Science Resources

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Geosphere Resources



  • KidsGeo - An indepth geology and geography textbook online for kids.


  • (The) Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free, interactive, educational guide to minerals and gemstones. Extensive information has been researched and categorized. The content is geared for both amateurs and experts.

Natural Disasters

Planet Earth

Plate Tectonics

  • ODSN Plate Tectonic Reconstruction Service - In this site, you can calculate platetectonic reconstructions of any age back to 150 My.
  • PALEOMAP Project - The site illustrates the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1100 million years.
  • Plate Tectonics - The progress of the earth sciences and the advancement of technologies associated with the understanding of our planet during the 1940's and 50's have led geologists to develop a new way of looking at the world and how it works.



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Hydrosphere Resources



  • Groundwater Foundation - The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to informing the public about one of our greatest hidden resources, groundwater. Since 1985, our programs and publications present the benefits everyone receives from groundwater.
  • Hydrologic Cycle - Browse succinct sections on the earth`s water budget, evaporation, condensation, transport, precipitation, groundwater, runoff, and transpiration.



  • Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence - Is a new collection providing access to ocean sciences education materials with particular emphasis on K-12 audiences and instructional materials from DLESE.
  • Discovery Education Lesson Plans Library for Ecology (NEW) - Lesson plans and activities for grades K-12. On this page there are quite a few lesson plans for oceans. These lesson plans are also available for a wide range of other topics.
  • Ocean Explorer Site - Visit NOAA's redesigned site and solve the ocean challenge puzzle.
  • Sea Level Viewer - The NASA Sea Level Viewer provides users with an up-to-date look at recent ocean topography data, allowing them to explore a global view or watch videos explaining the impact of sea surface height on Earth's climate. The Sea Level Viewer is accessible through NASA’s Global Climate Change website,
  • Vent's Acoustic Monitoring Program - NOAA, “Low-frequency sound in the ocean can be "viewed" in the form of time versus frequency "spectrograms" (warm colors represent strong energy) or "listened to" if the natural sound is raised to human hearing by "speeding up" the original signals. These sample sounds represent seismic and biological sources, as well as sounds of unknown origin.”

Other (Environment, Wetlands, Water Center)

  • Coastal Wetlands Study - Find material to use in developing a comprehensive study of coastal wetlands. The site includes background information, suggested activities, glossary, references, and reading list. Activities can be demonstrated by the teacher or performed by students. Emphasis is on Gulf Coast wetlands.
  • Exploring the Environment: Water Quality - From Wheeling Jesuit University, Center for Educational Technologies section uses a case studies approach.
  • IMRivers Jr. - IMRivers Jr. is a program dedicated to educating students on how to conserve precious water resources using state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. IMRivers Jr. allows youth groups across the nation to create and run online, interactive mapping websites geared toward protecting local water sources from contamination. FREE.
  • Water Center - The Water Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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NASA Resources

NASA HOMEPAGE - NASA explores outer space through scientific and aeronautics research.

MY NASA DATA - Live Access Server (LAS) is used to create your own microsets. There are over 700 sets and are escorted by lesson plans.

EARTH OBSERVATORY - This website Control shows information on current Earth observing missions.

OCEAN COLOR WEB - Learn about the events of earlier years that happened before webcasts came about, but are now posted.

PLANETARY PHOTOJOURNAL - Attain some new knowledge on the nine planets along with countless other scientific topics.

THE EARTH OBSERVING SYSTEM (EOS) - This mission includes a better understanding of Earth as a mixed system.

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Teaching Tools Resources


Lesson Resources

Time Conversions

  • Standard - Conversion between Universal Standard Time (UTC) and the four major time zones of the United States for Standard Time.
  • Daylight Savings - Conversion between Universal Standard Time (UTC) and the four major time zones of the United States for Daylight Savings Time.

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