Geosphere Links For Teachers


Arranged in alphabetical order.




  • Geology Resource - FREE teaching and learning resources from federal agencies.
  • KidsGeo - An indepth geology and geography textbook online for kids.



  • (The) Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free, interactive, educational guide to minerals and gemstones. Extensive information has been researched and categorized. The content is geared for both amateurs and experts.

Natural Disasters

Planet Earth

Plate Tectonics

  • ODSN Plate Tectonic Reconstruction Service - In this site, you can calculate platetectonic reconstructions of any age back to 150 My.
  • PALEOMAP Project - The site illustrates the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1100 million years.
  • Plate Tectonics - The progress of the earth sciences and the advancement of technologies associated with the understanding of our planet during the 1940's and 50's have led geologists to develop a new way of looking at the world and how it works.



  • Volcano Explorer Game - Fun and interactive game that invites you to explore the inner workings of volcanoes.
  • Volcano Fun Facts for Kids - Contains information about how volcanoes are formed, how they erupt, and much more.  
  • Alaska Volcano Observatory - Contains FREE and LOW COST materials. Great for pictures, satellite images, and maps.
  • Cascades Volcano Observatory - Good general volcano info. Great pictures, definitions, facts, figures on volcanoes worldwide. Has educational outreach button with links to ACTIVITIES and LESSON PLANS.
  • Volcanoes: Can We predict volcanic Eruptions? - Contains Information about how to predict volcanic Eruptions.
  • Volcano Problem Solving Modules - Five activities on volcanoes which allow students to interact with the WWW to help complete the activities.
  • Volcano Web - An excellent online lesson which uses the internet to research info on volcanoes and then write a report on the results
  • Volcano World - Contains LESSON PLANS, ACTIVITIES, teachers guides, references, virtual field trips, computer guided LESSONS, current volcano data, pictures, movies, definitions, and diagrams. An EXCELLENT site for teachers and students.