Biosphere Links For Teachers


Arranged in alphabetical order.


Global/Planet Earth



  • (The) Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone - This is part of the Microbial Life Education Resources of SERC.
  • Plant Science Demonstrations and Career Profiles - Iowa State University Plant Science web resource for secondary school teachers and students. Neat demonstrations on transpiration, mechanical damage to seeds, planting depth and weed history. Experiments on plant competition. More lessons to come.
  • Plant Science Information - University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agronomy and Horticulture Department web site with links to K-12 lessons, activities and information organized by plant (such as corn, soybean, specialty crops, range crops, soil; water, plant breeding; genetics.)
  • (Three) 3D National Parks - Park photos from the USGS (need 3D glasses).
  • Tree of Life Web Project - A collaborative effort of biologists from around the world to provide information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history and characteristics.