Atmosphere Links For Teachers


Arranged in alphabetical order.

General Atmospehere


  • CERES is S'COOL - CERES (Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System) is a satellite system operated by scientists at NASA. S'COOL - Students' Cloud Observations On-Line - is a project which involves school children in real science.
  • Climate Change Prediction - Climate Change Prediction is focused on developing, testing and applying coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models (GCMs) for climate simulation and prediction that stay at the leading edge of scientific knowledge and computational technology. Department of Energy.
  • (The) Cloud Catalog - A page with pictures and descriptions of the different types of clouds and general cloud information.
  • Earth Climate Course - What Determines a Planet's Climate? includes various activities from NASA.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Clouds- A page with descriptions, activity ideas, and diagrams about clouds.

Other Weather


  • Tornado Visualization Collection - From the On the Cutting Edge module, Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations, presents animations and films that illustrate or help students investigate how tornados form, current research about the science involved, and the effects of tornados of different strengths.
  • What Causes Tornados? (NEW) - An interactive tool from MSNBC